Chapel Hill Children and Adolescents' Clinic

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Flu Vaccines

Please call our office to get your child on our nurse schedule if you wish for your child to receive a flu vaccine.
We understand that our schedule is filling up quickly, and that the “after-school” times fill up first.  This is why we have had 3 flu clinics this year on Saturdays to help accommodate our patients.  Please be understanding when you call that you might not get the exact date and time that you want.

Limited amount of FluMist available

Many children and parents remember FluMist, a flu vaccine given as a nasal spray, which was given for several years. Like most flu vaccines, FluMist provides protection against 4 strains of influenza virus likely to circulate during the flu season. In 2015, the Centers for Disease Control recommended against vaccination with FluMist because 1 of the 4 strains did not offer adequate protection. However, the CDC has revised its guidance following an adjustment of the less-effective strain, and now advises that the FluMist may be given. The traditional flu shot is still preferred and is more effective.  FluMist should be given as a last resort, for children who would not otherwise get vaccinated, and is only appropriate for children 2 and older. Our clinic has received a small number of doses and will give them out to patients without problems such as ongoing wheezing, and while supplies last.


buy viagra cialis online canada

Contact Us!

Please call us at (919) 967-0771 Monday through Friday 8:30am to 5pm

Please fax us at (919) 967-9207

Reach us after hours at (888) 267-3675 or (919) 966-3820 for medical questions and advice. 

If you are experiencing a medical emergency, please call 911.

can i buy viagra online with a prescription

Appointment Policies: 

Please aim to arrive 10 minutes before your scheduled appointment time. Arriving more than 10 minutes late for your scheduled appointment may result in you having to reschedule. 

Please bring a list of all current medication to each appointment. 

Please bring your insurance card and be prepared to pay your co-pay or estimated deductible amount due at the time of service. 

Our Vaccine Philosophy

Our practice believes that all children should receive the recommended vaccines according to the guidelines provided by the AAP and the CDC. Vaccines are safe and effective in preventing diseases and health complications in children and young adults. Regular vaccinations help children ward off infections, and are administered as one of the safest and best methods of disease prevention.

As of January 1, 2019, we can no longer accept any new patients to our practice from families who choose to not vaccinate their children.  We will discuss any alternate schedule desired but ask that parents of un/undervaccinated children accept that this choice poses an increased risk not only to their own children but others who have vaccine contraindication or are not old enough to be vaccinated. Although we advise following the routine schedule to prevent any vaccine errors, all NEW patients will need to follow the following guidelines:

–The first set of vaccinations must be started by the 4-month well-care visit

–All of the recommended vaccines that are given from birth-age 2 years must be completed by the child’s 3-year old well-care visit.

The only exceptions to the above guidelines will be given to children who are already current patients in our office prior to January 1, 2019.

Of course, any children who have any special medical concerns that require adjustments to the vaccination schedule will continue to be given vaccines according to the most up-to-date recommendations available.

buy non prescription viagra onlineInclement Weather Policy

During inclement weather, we will follow the Chapel Hill- Carrboro School System’s delays. Any time the Chapel Hill- Carrboro School System is operating under a delay or closing, we will be operating at reduced hours unless otherwise stated in our phone message. Please call our office before any appointments during inclement weather to be sure we are open. Thank you!

Patient Portal:

After registering at our office, or by completing and returning our registration form available buy cheap viagra online with prescription, you can access our do i need a prescription to buy viagra online online. 

All responses to communication initiated via Electronic System should be responded to within on (1) business day when the next business day is a non-holiday Monday through Friday. 

Secure messages sent after 4 pm on Friday through 11:59 pm Sunday, or on a holiday, will be returned the next business day. 

Our office offers fluoride dental varnish to all patients starting at the first tooth eruption, until the age of at least 3 years.  This is done at well-visits, unless otherwise requested.  Although most insurance plans cover this service, there may be an additional charge to you if you plan does not cover it.

do you need a prescription to buy viagra onlineOur website is currently under minor repairs. 

It is still functional, just not as nice as we would like. Please accept our apologies for any glitches you might encounter. For the latest information and updates, please visit our buy viagra online canadian