Our hours are temporarily changing in response to COVID-19. We will now be open Monday through Friday 8am to 5pm, and 10am to noon on Saturdays and Sundays


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Well checks for young children

By now, we are all hunkered down in our homes, waiting and hoping to turn the tide on COVID 19 with social distancing. Thanks from health care providers everywhere  to everyone who is participating in social distancing. So many painful and challenging sacrifices are being asked of us all. We are thankful that North Carolina is not as severely affected as many other states at this point.

The American Academy of Pediatrics is still recommending wellness visits for young children, particularly children 18 months and younger, so that they can receive essential vaccines.It is incredibly important that children get immunized on time, to prevent this crisis from being compounded by other diseases, and also to protect against bacterial infections which could complicate COVID disease.

 We are still seeing well checks in our office, with the precautions that we have previously described:

Only one caregiver with patient

Screening all patients and visitors for symptoms of COVID 19

Well-only hours, which are from 8AM -2pm

Extensive cleaning of all surfaces in exam rooms before and after visit

No time in waiting areas

Hand sanitizer and handwashing always available

Staff using appropriate and recommended PPE and handwashing at all times

No toys or books in exam rooms

Limited sick appointments in our office in the afternoons, with many assessed by telehealth

Updates 3/25/2020:

The NC Department of Public Health and UNC Children’s Hospital have been including our practice in frequent updates on important developments and recommendations regarding COVID 19. The focus is shifting towards responding to the community spread of the disease and preserving limited resources. In light of this, we will provide your family with the most up-to-date recommendations for evaluation and diagnosis of respiratory illnesses. 

Therefore, we ask you to remain at home and pick up the phone. If your child is ill, call us to see whether we can provide basic nursing advice, if a telephone or telehealth consult with a doctor is needed, or if an in-person visit is needed. We continue to clean rooms extensively and are making sure children are immediately placed in exam rooms. The American Academy of Pediatrics does recommend well visits, especially for children 18 months and under  to make sure they receive needed immunizations. We have specific well hours, and starting 3/30, these will be from 8AM to noon Monday-Friday.

Testing for COVID 19 is now being reserved for patients who are more severely ill. If your child has mild to moderate symptoms of fever and cough with no difficulty breathing, shortness of breath, altered consciousness, do isolate your child but do not go to the emergency department. 

Many insurance companies, including medicaid, are now covering telehealth, telephone, and portal message work done by medical staff. In accordance with these recommendations, we will now be charging for these communications with our physicians. This represents a large amount of work on the part of our doctors in a continued effort to support social distancing while still providing quality healthcare to our patients. Like all businesses, we are being heavily impacted by the financial effects of the coronavirus while balancing the need to shift as much care as possible out of the office. We appreciate your understanding of this. 


In response to COVID-19, our office is starting the use of Telehealth. For more information, please visit the Telehealth tab above. Thank you.


COVID 19 update:
Our practice has made some important changes to address the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and to make sure our patients and families remain safe. As of March 16th and until further notice, we are changing the way our walk- in and scheduled appointments work. We ask you to please call ahead to schedule appointments for your child. We are now scheduling our well visits and appointments for non-contagious conditions from 10-2:30 each day, to limit contact for these patients. We are also ending walk-in appointments and scheduling patients into appointment slots after screening them. We will put patients directly into exam rooms or send them to their cars to wait until their appointment times to avoid having people waiting together. Patients who are at highest risk based on symptoms and exposure should not come into the office. We can refer to the appropriate place for lab testing and isolation.

In addition, we are cleaning surfaces in each exam room thoroughly between each appointment and are wiping down the waiting area multiple times per day. We have removed books and toys. All visitors are encouraged to use the in-room sinks for handwashing before and after visits. Please limit visitors to our office to patient and caregiver only. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding during this challenging time. We remain committed to helping your family with all of your health care needs in the safest way possible.


COVID-19 is causing a good deal of concern and alarm in our community.  We want our patients and their families to know the extra steps we are taking to ensure our office is as clean and healthy as possible.

  1. If your child is scheduled for a well-check, medication check, or any other non-illness related visit and either they or their parent/guardian are experiencing symptoms such as fever, cough, congestion, sore throat, runny nose or shortness of breath, please call to reschedule your appointment for a later date.
  2. When possible, refrain from bringing anyone other than patient and parent/guardian to your appointment.
  3. We have temporarily removed toys and books from the reception area.
  4. As always, there is hand sanitizer for in-office use at the front desk, and in all exam rooms.
  5. In addition to the room wipe downs between patients of frequently touched surfaces including door and cabinet handles, light switches, counter surfaces, faucet handles, and exam beds, we are also implementing multiple additional daily cleanings of waiting rooms, and other common areas such as weigh stations.
  6. Additional signs regarding proper hand washing and hygiene safety will be posted as a reminder to our young patients.

As your chosen medical home, your child’s health is of the utmost importance to us.  Thank you for your continued trust and support as we all work through this together.


Doctors and Staff of Chapel Hill Children’s Clinic

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