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Insurance and Payment

We accept many types of insurance plans and file many claims ourselves. Because of the enormity of the paperwork and the vast differences among reimbursements, deductibles, and copayments, we must have your cooperation. Please bring all insurance information with you to every office visit. If your insurance requires you to pick a Primary Care Provider (PCP), you must select Chapel Hill Children’s Clinic before your child can be seen here or your insurance company may refuse to cover the visit leaving you responsible for the bill. You must also notify your insurance company whenever you are adding a dependent onto your policy. Please check with your insurance representative prior your child’s first visit here regarding PCP selection and/or dependent enrollment. We do not file secondary insurance for our patients except in the case of Medicaid.

Payment is expected at the time service is rendered. If your plan clearly has a copayment we will accept the copayment in the office at the time of the visit. If your plan also has deductibles, you will be billed for the balance after your insurance company lets us know the amount they will pay. For plans without a copayment, which clearly have deductibles, we ask that you pay in full at the time of the office visit. If your deductible is met we will gladly credit your account for any payments received or send you a reimbursement check. We accept personal checks, cash, MasterCard, VISA and Discover as payment for all office and hospital charges. If necessary, a payment plan can be set up for large balances. Contact Christine Norman, our Office Manager, at (919) 967-0771 and she can help you. All account balances are subject to a monthly service charge. This charge allows us to recover some of the costs we incur in billing for balances due.

We understand that health insurance policies can be complicated and may not always cover what you think it should. Please review with your insurance representative any denied claims to be sure you are receiving all of the benefits you are entitled to. If you have questions regarding your insurance or any bills you receive, please call our office.


If you do not have insurance coverage, and would like to look into applying, please check out the following resources:

NC Medicaid/Health Choice:  http://www.ncdhhs.gov/dma/medicaid/apply.htm

Healthcare Marketplace: www.healthcare.gov


Our office does not accept to following insurance plans:

  • Duke Basic
  • Duke Select
  • BCBS Blue Local plans

Please call your insurance company to be sure they will allow you to come to our clinic and will pay for your claims.  With new plans being added, benefits changing, etc, they are your best source of network information.